One of the most common, chronic conditions in children is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD. ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder that makes it hard for children to focus, keep their attention, control their behavior and causes them to be hyperactive. While all children have occasional behavior problems, children with ADHD have recurrent, severe problems that inhibit their ability to lead normal lives.

To learn more about ADHD, please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics’ page on ADHD.

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Our goal at WingHaven Pediatrics is to provide our patients with the best comprehensive pediatric care possible. We do, however, need some help from you. Please review our office policy, print this page, sign it and bring it to your ADD / ADHD appointment.


Our office requests that each patient choose one of our physicians to manage their ADD/ADHD in order to maintain continuity and to give your child the best possible medical care. These visits need to be scheduled in advance.


If your child is being evaluated for the possible diagnosis of ADD /ADHD, we ask that you print out our “Initial ADD / ADHD assessment forms” from our website (one for each Parent and one for each teacher), have them completed, and returned to us by mail or fax (636-561-5561)  prior to your appointment so that we have time to score them appropriately.


Once the effective medication and dose is determined, we will refill your prescription once monthly for 6 months, at which time you will need to schedule a follow up ADD / ADHD visit in our office.


Please note that if we request a follow up visit and one has not been made or you have gone beyond 6 months without being reassessed, no further prescriptions will be dispensed until an appointment is made and kept.


Most medications prescribed for ADD / ADHD are "controlled or scheduled" drugs. This means that they are regulated and monitored by the Government. Current regulations regarding the prescribing of stimulant medicines state that the prescribing physician must write the prescription - it cannot be phoned into your pharmacy.

These visits are timely and require discussion about progress on medications and school performance, there are a limited number of ADD/ADHD evaluation appointments on the schedule and they do fill quickly. There will be absolutely NO initial ADD / ADHD visits coupled with wellness exams or sick visits. If your schedule is limited, calling two months in advance is strongly recommended. 

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